Dancing Echoes

Beats Stumbling Around in Silence





Enough fishing line
To snare, snag, entwine
Mountains of rope
To tie, knot and choke

Loose netting so unkind
Cause a ghost fishing bind
Plastic, metal, glass
Containers that will gash

Hooks, rods and reels
Sometimes random wheels
Tons of random trash
Thrown out with a splash

Enough marine debris
To make an artificial tree
Save a creature in the sea
Please dispose properly

In response to Jennifer Nichole Wells One Word Photo Challenge: Artificial




They shared everything
All their deepest, darkest secrets
He knew her restless nature
Gave her the freedom she craved
But now he no longer joined her
The ever voice of reason
Always pulled him back
Back to his world of numbers

Their tangible trust an imperative
Boundaries understood between them
It was no one else’s business
They had once shared a love
For both numbers and passion
But tragedy had rubbed her raw
Numbers no longer satisfied
Only passion mattered now

Her aperture wide open
A pinpoint focus
Of fine detail
All nerve endings and feel
His aperture closed down
To see the bigger picture
All detail lost and numb
In the static of every day

She came to realize
He could not give her
What she had always given
That transition from trust to faith
Intangible faith with no boundaries
Faith that the garden is still there
Even when out of focus
The context lost in bokeh

And so they saw the world
From different perspectives
Both trying to focus
Both looking for clarity
Both looking for the light
With no right answers
And no wrong answers
Just two people

Trying to find their way

In response to Patrick Jennings Pic and a Word Challenge #12: Faith and
Jennifer Nicole Wells One Word Photo Challenge: Aperture and
the Weekly Photo Challenge: Transition



Fire Anthology


Anthracitic ants anticipate antipathy.
A true Antediluvian antagonist, their anthoid antrum a scourge.
Using an antiquated anthelminthic,
I attempt to attack their mound;
Their antennae ever attuned,
I swear I heard a faint battle cry Anthem,
Their sudden purge resembling an anthemion.
But this is not anthropophagy,
I anthropomorphize.
Their antics are merely an antevert.
Antibiosis in the form of a nasty sting;
Not unlike an Antiar dart.
And now I am in need of an antidote or antivenin:
An antalgic antiseptic or antibiotic
To neutralize this anticly growing antefix.
And not to make an anticlimactic mountain out of an anthill:

This is war.

In response to Jennifer Nichole Wells One Word Photo Challenge: Ant




Winter’s stillness
The only sound, my heartbeat
And the click of the shutter

In response to Jennifer Nicole Wells One Word Photo Challenge: Winter and
CARPE DIEM HAIKU KAI: Carpe Diem Special #179 Tom D’Evelyn “The Held Breath: Sound and Silence in a Haiku”


Desert Spring


My greatest fear is to be numb
Thoughts thrombosed
Connections severed

Ambivalence the enemy
Brought about by memories
Too painful to bear

A search for that spark of creativity
To crawl out of that dark place
Find inspiration that releases me

To spring forth like flowing water
Quenching a desert of imagination
Realization that the pain is a tool

And to feel is a gift

I wrote the beginnings of the first 6 lines a few weeks ago. I was struggling with how to express how I was feeling. Words were not coming easily. Ideas for photos were not coming easily. Jennifer Nicole Wells challenge of Spring was coming up and second 6 lines began to take shape but I was still not completely happy with them. I didn’t have a clue about a photo. I was hitting a wall -one of the things I fear the most.  I thought maybe I needed to take a break from blogging. Then Patrick posted the wonderful tribute, Halls of Madness about a friend. It stopped me in my tracks. No one is forcing me to be numb. My wall is self imposed, my fear a self fulfilling prophecy only if I let it be one. While I can’t say I can relate to the depth of despair his friend was feeling, I can say I understand her final choice. This post was the attitude adjustment/kick in the ass perspective I needed so badly. Then Patrick’s prompt of Desert for today’s challenge in direct contrast to Spring was the final inspiration to finishing. I joined this blogging community to express myself but equally to learn and be inspired by other talented writers/photographers. I am so lucky and grateful for having this exceptional, creative community in my life.

In response to Jennifer Nicole Wells One Word Photo Challenge: Spring and
Patrick Jennings Pic and a Word Challenge #8: Desert