Dancing Echoes

Beats Stumbling Around in Silence


My Pleasure


Ah, er, this one’s for 18 or older please

The dawning of our illustrious affair,
We were introduced by a friend;
Began when I was without care,
My lonely nights would spend;
Dreaming of such pleasure
Previously provided by a boy;
To once again feel glorious thrill,
More times than I could measure,
All from such a simple toy
I secretly called my Dil

But now when I am at my home,
We rarely get to play,
Because I am no longer alone
When night time turns to day.
Our time together I must ponder;
Now you sit within a drawer,
A reminder of my single life;
With memories that grow fonder,
And stories that rival ancient lore
Since I’ve become another’s wife.

Inspired by Writing 201 Prompt: Drawer