Dancing Echoes

Beats Stumbling Around in Silence






The glow of life as it recedes
Deep into the dormant stage
Gathering energy, steadfastly waiting
For the first hint of spring’s warmth
To release the sleeping beauty within
And begin the life cycle anew

In response to Patrick Jennings Pic and a word Challenge #109: Steadfast, The Weekly Photo Challenge: Glow and The Daily Post: Release




On Wednesday:


Giant is
A matter of perspective
Bug’s eye view

By Saturday:


Formosan termites
A giant pain in my ass
Just nature doing its thing

I put the top post together on Wednesday. The idea was that giant is a matter of perspective. A flower that comes to my knee is as giant to an insect as a redwood tree is to us and everything in the universe is a matter of scale. So much for light and pretty. By Saturday the insect world had taken a dark turn in my life. I had a termite inspection and needless to say the house failed. Badly. Formosan termites had gotten into the first story floor via a covered area under the stairs. These rat bastards can reduce what in scale to them is a giant house to pulp in a year. Saturday while cleaning up the damaged wood with four letter expletives pouring from my mouth I realized that the only reason I was pissed was because the termites were breaking down my house instead of a dead tree. That what they are doing is vital to the earth’s survival. Imagine if nothing broke down, nothing was recycled and energy was never transferred. Then life could not be sustained. In a weird way I am grateful they exist and eventually, these little guys will have their way and the house will be rendered back to the earth. It just better be long after I have moved on. For now I am taking evil pleasure in watching these little buggers squirm in the sunlight.

In response to Pic and a Word Challenge # 108: Giants and the Weekly Photo Challenge: Scale.



2017-09-20 19.15.31-1

One does wonder
About the number
Of snowflakes in a storm
Or grains of sand on a beach
Drops of water in the ocean
Or stars in the sky
Molecules in our body
Or life in the universe
The number of infinite possibilities
Of mankind
To find the truth
As sentient beings
Are want to do
Rather than be
And the need to know “why”
Is hardwired in our DNA

In response to Patrick Jennings Pic and a Word Challenge #106: Numbers