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Eir Light



Eir moon
Purifying cool blue light
Forever healing

In response to Patrick Jennings Pic and a Word Challenge #14: Light

Author: Dancing Echoes

I am a scientist by trade and artist by soul. My creative outlet used to be dancing but due to injuries and age, I must now find another path. I am hoping my writing, poetry and photography can be this new path. Awards: While I am grateful and honored for the numerous nominations, I don’t have time to respond to them with the attention they deserve, so for the most part, I am an award free blog. All photographs and words are mine unless otherwise credited. © 2015-2023 Dancing Echoes ALL RIGHTS RESERVED Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author/owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Christy Draper with appropriate and specific direction to the original content on Dancing Echoes.

19 thoughts on “Eir Light

  1. wow, that’s an amazing picture. How’d you capture that? It’s light looks like it heals.

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  2. Thank you. Believe it or not I took this on my iPhone. I have a third party camera app and then I use various Photoshop apps when necessary.

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  3. You’re welcome 🙂 You are the second person today to post amazing pics taken on an iphone. I might have to get one!

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  4. ; ) No, I don’t get kickbacks

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  5. lol! Don’t you wish you did?

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  6. Great photograph! Which camera app do you use?

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  7. Thank you and thanks for asking! Most of the time I use Camera Plus. It is the one with the parachute on it. It has a great macro setting. I also use ProShot and ProCamera. Then I use PS Express and Lightroom to tweak if needed. If I can hold still enough Camera Plus can even take great night time star shots. All I have to do is boost the light and darken the shadows and the stars pop out. I am really on a mission now to push the envelope with my iPhone. I rarely drag out my Canon now. I do have the cheapest box Lytro light field camera that I use from time to time. It is really cool but I am still on a learning curve with it.


  8. I’ll check those apps out! I use my iPhone a lot as well. I always love exploring and learning new things! Thanks for the tips!

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  9. Love to share. The parachute is the sync feature. If you have an iPad you can use the phone as a remote or visa versa. Pretty cool.

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  10. I do have an iPad! Thanks again!

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  11. You only have to purchase it once and it is worth it.

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  12. It brings a serene peace and beauty to the soul!

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