Dancing Echoes

Beats Stumbling Around in Silence

Sky Burial



Born into the sky
To nourish those that live on
Finally, I would fly

In response to Patrick Jennings Pic and a Word Challenge #9: Serenity

Author: Dancing Echoes

I am a scientist by trade and artist by soul. My creative outlet used to be dancing but due to injuries and age, I must now find another path. I am hoping my writing, poetry and photography can be this new path. Awards: While I am grateful and honored for the numerous nominations, I don’t have time to respond to them with the attention they deserve, so for the most part, I am an award free blog. All photographs and words are mine unless otherwise credited. © 2015-2023 Dancing Echoes ALL RIGHTS RESERVED Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author/owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Christy Draper with appropriate and specific direction to the original content on Dancing Echoes.

12 thoughts on “Sky Burial

  1. The off-center composition complements the haiku. I don’t tear up often. This time I did.

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  2. Awww, thank you. That is so sweet.

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  3. Exquisite framing and tones. Absolutely lovely image.

    <smile> I was on my way to Tibet once, nearly 20 years ago now. Unfortunately, circumstances … well. It’s still on the bucket list.

    I did get to a Tibetan town outside of Tibet, featuring the astounding Labrang monastery of the Yellow Hat sect. Such an extraordinary experience. And what an extraordinary and odd — and extraordinarily odd and beautiful — culture that is.

    And you’ve captured one of its most extraordinarily odd and beautiful practices so poetically in just 17 words. Lovely.

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  4. Thank you Patrick. I appreciate your kind words. I think most people find this practice disgusting because it goes against the grain of preserving the body that is so prevalent in most cultures but I think it makes perfect sense. Even more than cremation. But then I’m a biologist that recognizes the beauty in the cycle and embraces being part of it. Have you posted any photos from that monastery and town? Or maybe I could not be so lazy and scroll through your timeline…. By the way I always look forward to your Sunday prompt. Great words to work with.


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  6. Just one image has made it to the blog so far, which I’ve used in two posts — one of them for a Pic and a Word Challenge.

    There are more images on my original travelogue, here.

    Unfortunately, most of my China scans have gone missing. One of my projects for 2016 will be rescanning those, and all my B&W work from high school and my year at Rochester Institute of Technology as a photography major.

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  7. Ah, sweet. I will check out your travel blog as well. I can’t wait to see what you do with your scans. I too am s l o w l y scanning my slides from the 90’s. So much life to live, so little time. I have noticed how my priorities have changed over the years out of pure necessity based on the shortening of time left.

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  8. …wow… just – wow… ❤

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  9. I still soooo love this image… every time I scroll up to it, I linger.

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