Dancing Echoes

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Tan Renga Party in Progress: In the Twilight

Umbrella 4
Renga Party in Progress: In the Twilight

in the twilight
mist creeps over the fields –
stars twinkle

climbing vines of honeysuckle
scented breeze lures out the moon

moonglow touches earth
sparkles brightly on still water
diamonds on the pond

sudden rainfall scatters the light
a lightning flash makes a frog jump

brittle rings break
amid drifting leaves –
Luna, eclipsed

swaying branches dance
with the autumn wind
Mish D Sky

two silhouettes
under umbrella
at the bus stop
Mish D. Sky

navigating by instinct
on the road to Shangri-La

love echoes
in the halls of paradise
a blackbird’s song

Umbrella eclipses kiss
Stolen amongst sweet whispers
Dancing Echoes

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In response to the CARPE DIEM HAIKU KAI: Carpe Diem’s Renga Party 1 “In The Twilight”


Post Crush


Nature’s bright stained glass
Gnarled old vines twist and turn
In arthritic pose
Still produce bountiful yield
Deep ruby nectar
Warming blood and libido
Glorious bouquet
Jammy dark fruit, chocolate
Leathery finish
Heady inebriation
Dionysus smiles
With religious ecstasy
Theatre played in grape and vine


Waning golden light
Cool Pacific breezes swirl
Calm post frenzied crush
When Brix was running peak
In all its sublime sweetness

CARPE DIEM HAIKU KAI: Carpe Diem Tokubetsudesu #56 Choka (or Nagauta), Japanese “long poem”


Last Six Weeks


Your last six weeks
Decent into madness
Prisoner of your own mind
Conspiracy of loved ones
Set to take you down
Fighting just to breathe
As you stared into the static
Mad bombers in Boston
Fueled your paranoia
While I tried to diffuse
Your bomb
Of oxygen and cigarettes
One bullet was all you needed
Maybe two…..
Helpless futile attempts
To excise the disease
Wasting, wasting

I wrote this a few weeks ago and debated posting it. Today, one of my favorite bloggers, Behind the White Coat posted Cycling. If you don’t already follow her you should check her out. She always has insightful stories and a unique point of view -not to mention beautiful photographs that she pairs perfectly with her writing. The piece Cycling showed what doctors can do to make a positive difference in family health. I only wish my father had had such a conscientious doctor. His doctor was too worried about potential lawsuits to do the right thing. He would not recommend an Alzheimers ward. He wanted my eighty year old mom to handle my dad who was in a rapid state of decline. This forced me to choose between my dad and my mom when my dad became violent and my mom had to move out for her safety. Eventually I went before a judge to get him committed to a care facility. His last few weeks were spent in a state of confusion and hate for the family that actually loved him so much. While Alzheimers is a difficult disease for a family to handle even under the best circumstances, it would have been a lot easier if the healthcare professionals had been supportive instead of antipathetic.


Mass Coral Spawning


Sometime near the eighth night
After the eighth full moon
Around eight o’clock PM
Coral simultaneously spawns
In the Gulf of Mexico
Little peach pearls
Bundles of both sperm and egg
Rise to the surface
Exploding in a mix of DNA
To start a new generation

Coral Spawning in the Gulf of Mexico