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Beats Stumbling Around in Silence

The Bath


imageLiquid serenity
Purifying ritual
Before lovers meet

CARPE DIEM HAIKU KAI: Carpe Diem Special #153, Rallentanda’s fifth “a beautiful peace”

Author: Dancing Echoes

I am a scientist by trade and artist by soul. My creative outlet used to be dancing but due to injuries and age, I must now find another path. I am hoping my writing, poetry and photography can be this new path. Awards: While I am grateful and honored for the numerous nominations, I don’t have time to respond to them with the attention they deserve, so for the most part, I am an award free blog. All photographs and words are mine unless otherwise credited. © 2015-2023 Dancing Echoes ALL RIGHTS RESERVED Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author/owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Christy Draper with appropriate and specific direction to the original content on Dancing Echoes.

18 thoughts on “The Bath

  1. Holy snappin’ duck shit Crispy, what are you trying to do to me???

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  2. Are you perhaps in need of a cold shower?

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  3. The prompt is “a beautiful peace” not “a beautiful piece”!

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  4. I shouldn’t be such a smart ass. I am glad it is having intended effect. Thank you.

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  5. Oh it is, it is…thanks Darl

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  6. an intense and gorgeous invitation … love the lighting

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  7. It’s hard to write something sexier than this. Well done. And the picture is a perfect fit.

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  8. Why thank you. Compliment much appreciated.

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  9. I Love your interpretation…..Looks warm and relaxing!!!

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  10. I truly hope you enjoyed setting this one up, DE. Thank you for your hard photographic efforts. 😉

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  11. Yes. It was probably my favorite photo shoot. Hard to keep my mind on the task at hand however…..
    Geez, did I really just say that?


  12. It was a memorable photo shoot, indeed, with things well in hand, Christy. Yes, I said that.

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  13. Too much for my weak heart!! 😉

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