Dancing Echoes

Beats Stumbling Around in Silence


My Pleasure


Ah, er, this one’s for 18 or older please

The dawning of our illustrious affair,
We were introduced by a friend;
Began when I was without care,
My lonely nights would spend;
Dreaming of such pleasure
Previously provided by a boy;
To once again feel glorious thrill,
More times than I could measure,
All from such a simple toy
I secretly called my Dil

But now when I am at my home,
We rarely get to play,
Because I am no longer alone
When night time turns to day.
Our time together I must ponder;
Now you sit within a drawer,
A reminder of my single life;
With memories that grow fonder,
And stories that rival ancient lore
Since I’ve become another’s wife.

Inspired by Writing 201 Prompt: Drawer


Trust to Dust


Darkness of night, the fading of light,
Eternity may be illusion, not a foregone conclusion,
And all that we fear, when the end is so near,
That our last breath on earth, will it lead to rebirth?
Holding on, to all that we trust, the cosmos are certain, we all turn to dust.

Photo courtesy of Pixabay

Inspired by the Writing 201 Prompt: Trust